shake, shake, shake.
moist cottons.
fumigated liquids.
amplify comatose.

active brains,
hyper pulse.
can't speak,
can't move.

...can't breath.

before dawn.

beautiful temporal dysfunction.
ethyl is poetry.

Sleepless in Subang

The sun shall come,
And blinded shall i be.

Oh how i envy the lights!
Far from being a part of it.
Oh torrid, torrid lights!

Veiled will i be.
Curtains reduce opacity.

Proclaiming non-conformity:
Dusk as dawn,
Dawn as dusk.

Stick after stick,
(Try to) Non-conform the non-conformity.

Sticks, Syrups and Strings.
To no avail, to no avail.
Shall symphonies serenade me?


if u may ask, why 'stanzablablabla'?
it's my way of conveying that i have no basic knowledge in poetry writing. even up til now. i don't know about the lines, the stanzas, the syllables count, etc. knowing too much will only constrict me from writing further.
i write in accordance to my passion for it.
so here's stanzablablabla, enjoy it as it's laid upon you.


A song, not a poem

Conversations (with an inanimate object.)



In need, indeed.

Redundant – that’s what he is.



They say it’s a two-way road,

But she’s only halfway when he’s at the peak.

Despair - in his brain, overload.

& so to the cancer stick he speaks:



“I’ll die with you,

& Because of you.

You’re lifeless, but you’ll listen,

Unlike her, whose middle name is rejection.”



Poems meant nothing,

Likewise songwriting.



He’s in need of a new fix.

To vent, to rant; a cure for the whole week.

On the cubicle he sat till six.

Whilst to the cancer stick he speaks:



“I’ll die with you,

& Because of you.

You’re lifeless, but you’ll listen,

Unlike her, whose middle name is rejection.”



“Sorry means nothing if you don’t mean to say it.

You made forgiveness clichéd, like those notes on your post-it”



Envelope a bolster.
In dire need of,
To be in between sheets;
Between friendship - love - and, lust.
Dampened by silent sighs and heavy breathing,
Cold sweats and warm touches.
Enamoured with trust;
Fiction - Reality, and nothing in-between.
So envelope me with lies,
- with words of deceit.
In hushed, muted choruses.
Hold me with warmth - your bosom.
Set to adrift with tender lullabies.
Stars witness not;
Air-conditioners and ceilings.
Get me through the night,
So I can breath tomorrow morning.
Press play - loop, let's put it on repeat.


Let dead flowers bloom again,
Let drought be damp.
Let sullen sky be painted by rainbows,
Let birds rejoice & break this deafening silence.

Just for this moment…

Of when you’re in my arms again.

(*inspired by my outing wif mon beau papillon*)


by Faiz, Departure Area KLIA, 27/02/2006

At Present:

"Passengers on flight Heaven Airlines, flight Heaven Airlines
to the place up above. Please proceed to gate number 7
for immediate boarding. Thank You."

The past few minutes:

You were right all along.

"I do."
I uttered hopelessly.

I was blind.
or better else: Foolish.

All & more that i could see,
& blindly believe:
"There's a lot more fishes in the sea"

So i left you.
& you rot profusely.

You were there,
all along.
& i could've said those simple 3 words.
"I love you."

But now,
it's all too late.

God loves you more than i do.


Bohong Belaka
by Faiz, Darussalam SS15, 10pm, 9-02-2006

Apakah erti 'Selamanya'?

Apakah yang benar,
bisa menjadi dusta?
bisa menjadi racun?

Apa yang ku pegang hari ini,
hanyalah khayalan?

Dalam diam ku menyaksikan,
Aplikasi fantasi dalam realiti.

Janji itu..

Hari ini..

Hari ini, semuanya,
Hari ini, semuanya,
bohong belaka!